Pre-mixed Surfaces Available From Just £50 Per Tonne


Equine Surfacing offer a range of ready to use Pre-mixed surfaces, available from only £50 per tonne

Choose from

All Track Surface – £50.00 per tonne

Fully synthetic leisure sand and stability fibre surface, perfect for lower use Arenas.

Designed as our entry level surface.

Fully pre-mixed ready to use straight out of the box.

Pro-Track Surface – £72.00 per tonne

Our budget Fully waxed surface, perfect for low traffic indoor or higher use outdoor Manèges.

Using the same Hot-wax as in our Pro-grade surface

*Dust free
*low maintenance
*No irrigation required

Comp-track Surface – £67.00 per tonne

Our Pro-grade Silica sand (which is widely regarded as the best Equine sand available in the uk)

Blended with our fully synthetic stability fibre.

Perfect for large livery or competition yards.

Pro-Grade Surface – £95.00 per tonne

Our Flag ship Competition fully waxed surface, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Pre-mixed surface ready to use.

Very little maintenance required, our Hot wax Blend with one of the finest Full silica sands available in the uk.

*Dust free
*Low maintenance
*No irrigation required