Here are a few of the latest projects supplied and installed by the Equine Surfacing ltd team Please call us on 03334561650 or email

Kinkell Equestrian centre, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Equestrian surface wax top-up Scotland

We were asked by the wonderful folks at Kinkell Equestrian centre if we offered a service to increase the wax level in their existing wax service.

We offer a surface re-waxing service throughout the uk which fitted the bill perfectly.

Our Polymer wax treatment is sprayed on cold and then incorporated into the surface using our various graders etc.

This service also works very well if you are looking to upgrade your existing sand and fibre mix to either a part or fully waxed equine surface

Manège refurbishment Longdole Polo Club Ltd, Gloucestershire

Manège surface Top-up Gloucestershire

Recently completed, refurbishment of the Longdole Polo Club warm up Arena,

There were a couple of issues that we were instructed to correct in this 20m x 40m Manège. The surface was slow to drain during wet weather and rode deep during dryer weather conditions.

Here at Equine surfacing Ltd we offer an in budget solution to correct both of the issues as mentioned above.

This is the installation of our Poly-pro fibre additive. We offer an Equestrian fibre supply, delivery and installation service throughout the uk.

Full Rebuild 60m x 25m Manège – Manège construction / Ground works in Reading, Berkshire

Completed January 2023, A 60m x 25m Manège at this fantastic new Equine facility.

The existing 40m x 25m Manège had many issues that our customer wanted addressing , these included:

*Correct existing Arena fall ( Manège was not originally built level)

*Replace deteriorating rubber strip surface

  • incorrect road planning Arena sub-base was used, no drainage was installed
  • Increase Ménage size to 60m x 25M  

Here at Equine surfacing we are more than happy to take on any Menage / Ground works alterations you may have.

Please contact the team on 0333 456 1650 to discuss.

60m x 20m Equestrian Riding Arena refurbishment,  Alton Hampshire

Full Arena refurbishment recently completed by the team.

We were instructed to replace this Arena’s kick boarding and refurbish the existing surfacing over the option of replacement to keep costs low.

The kick-boarding was re-placed with a double height board and capping rail.

The only posts we use are a Perma-Timber product and are guaranteed for 20 years.

The surface was refurbished using our Poly-pro fibre additive and our Polymer wax treatment.

Both products can be installed into existing surfacing to provide greatly increased surface stability and reduce maintenance.

Sparsholt Equine College Arena refurbishment

We were tasked with refurbishing this Arena as the surface simply wasn’t draining, It was a wash out after heavy rain and even after days of dry weather would still not have cleared.

In order to begin to rectify the issues the surface was first lifted and stockpiled, Next the stone drainage layer had to be lifted and stockpiled. The sub base was inspected and we were then finally able to find the cause of the drainage issues and begin the installation of the drainage system.

The drainage system used is our linear system, This drainage lay out is capable of coping with a far greater volume water flow than your standard herringbone system.

Next the lower membrane is to be laid along with the Drainage pipe work and drainage stone layer.

Coming onto the surface, The existing Equestrian surface was installed by a different company only a few years ago and is still in a good useable condition with little to no contamination. Equine surfacing ltd are utilising their on-site premixing service, this involves processing the existing riding surface through one of our specially developed mixers. At this point Silica sand, Poly-Pro fibre additive along with our wax additive is added to the mix.

On Site Pre-Mixing This innovative process allows Equine surfacing Ltd to re-use part or all of the lifted Equestrian surface. This saves a small fortune in material and delivery costs.

Here at Equine surfacing ltd we specialise in Equestrian surface / Manège refurbishment, Whether your surface is simply riding deep up to requiring a Full Ménage rebuild due to failing drainage system or poor initial installation we will have a in budget solution for you.

Everything aside Utilising our our innovative techniques we will be able to help!! We will keep you up to date with Progress via our latest news section on our website.

Equine Centre Aston Ingam

Aston Ingam Equine centre had previously installed a old Manège horse Arena built on a substantial fall with very limited drainage and a composting wood chip surface.

We were tasked with the full re-design and build of a brand new 25m x 45m Manège on the existing site to ensure we keep within existing planning restrictions.

The manège levels were first corrected using the cut and fill method. The Equine surfacing ltd team then installed the fencing and a full drainage system, the horse Arena was then surfaced with 200 tonnes of our All-track Silica sand and Poly-pro fibre ore-mixed surface.

Chobham Park Equestrian


This Competition Equestrian Dressage yard recently contacted the team at Equine surfacing ltd, They were looking to up-grade their existing silica sand and rubber strip surface without the need for full replacement.

Our customer opted for our incredibly popular on-site pre-mixing service. Firstly the bulk of degrading rubber strip was removed and re-purposed on-site.

The complete equine surface was then lifted, more silica sand and 20 bales of our Poly-Pro fibre additive was then imported. These new surface additives along with the existing surface was then run through our series of mixers. The team then re-installed and re-laid the surface.

Dragons Livery Sussex


The team at Dragons livery contacted Equine surfacing ltd looking to improve their deep sand and rubber 20m x 60m manège surface.

We were also informed that the existing membrane had failed in several areas. We suggested the best route forward was to utilise our innovative on-site Pre-mixing service.

Firstly the surface was lifted and taken down to the membrane, to keep costs down our customer opted for the membrane to be repaired as opposed to full replacement.

This can be done in certain circumstances, our experts can advise if this will be possible in your particular case. 30 bales or our Fully synthetic Poly-pro fibre additive were added to the mix, the surface was then run through one of our specialist surface mixers.

The newly pre-mixed surface was then re-laid, levelled and rolled.

Kingthistle Equestrian

Supplied, delivered and installed 220 tonnes of our Comp-track surface

Equestrian Centre Newcastle upon Tyne

We were contacted by the team at a new equine development near Newcastle upon Tyne. The ground works had been completed by the customer.

We were tasked using our expertise to install the fencing, Kickboards and the installation of 240 tonnes of our Comp-track surface.

Here at Equine surfacing we are setup to carry out all aspects of manège surfacing and construction throughout the Uk and Ireland.