Pro-grade Surface

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Introducing Pro-grade, our flagship competition-grade, fully waxed surface—crafted for professional yards and competition venues. Matching the performance of any competition surface on the market, it offers unparalleled quality at a significantly lower cost. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this pre-mixed surface is ready to use, featuring a higher wax content than our Pro-track surface.

Installed at Sparsholt Equine College and other prestigious locations, Pro-grade is exceptionally durable, withstanding intense use and requiring minimal maintenance. Comprising a high percentage of Poly-pro fiber additive and Hot wax, blended with one of the finest full silica sands in the UK, it ensures a dust-free, low-maintenance, irrigation-free, and incredibly stable and consistent footing for top-tier performance.

For reference a 20m x 40m arena requires 140 tonnes of our Pro-grade surfacing. Enjoy a swift turnaround with a quick lead time of up to 14 working days for delivery