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Which Manège Leveller?   

Choosing the right manège leveller for your equestrian surface is crucial for maintaining and enhancing performance. Different surfaces have specific requirements that must be considered.

For all-weather surfaces like rubber, sand, and fibre blends, opt for a leveller with adjustable tines. This versatility allows you to customise the depth based on your surface’s needs. Additionally, a leveller that can groom, level and roll simultaneously ensures consistent and safe footing.


History of Dressage 

Dressage, an ancient equestrian sport with origins in Greece, has evolved into a refined art form practiced by European nobility. Developed by French riding masters in the 17th and 18th centuries, dressage focuses on systematic training and effective communication between horse and rider through subtle aids and natural movements.

In the 19th century, dressage became standardized and introduced competitions. The first dressage competition took place in 1862, followed by national championships and international events. Recognized as an official Olympic sport in 1912, dressage has gained global popularity.

Today, dressage is practiced and competed at various levels worldwide, recognized for its elegance and refinement. Discover the beauty and discipline of dressage, a captivating equestrian sport that combines history, skill, and harmony between horse and rider.

The benefits the correct Equestrian surface

Equestrian surfaces are an essential aspect of horse riding, health, and performance. They play a crucial role in offering a safe and comfortable environment for horse riders and horses to train, improve and compete. The quality of an equestrian surface greatly impacts the horse’s movement, posture, and balance, and as such, careful selection and maintenance is vital. Choosing the right type of equestrian surface depends on several factors such as discipline, climate, location, and use.


Plants That Are Toxic To Horses

As a horse owner in the UK, it’s crucial to be aware of the plants that are toxic to horses. Harmful plants in a horse’s pasture can cause serious damage, and in some cases, be fatal. Here are some of the most common plants that are toxic to horses in the UK:

1. Ragwort: Ragwort is a highly poisonous weed that can cause liver damage and is potentially fatal to horses.


What are the benefit’s of Pre-mixed Equestrian surfaces?

A pre-mixed equine surface is a ready-to-use equestrian footing that provides a consistent and reliable quality. Here are some of the benefits of using a pre-mixed equine surface:

1. Cost-effective: Pre-mixed equine surfaces are typically more cost-effective than on-site mixing, as you only need to pay for the product and transportation.

2. Consistency: Pre-mixed equine surfaces come with a consistent and predictable level of quality to ensure that your horse always has a stable and safe footing to work on. The surface can be designed and customized based on your horse’s performance, age, and injuries.


Which Is The Right Equestrian Surface For You ?


Here at Equine surfacing ltd we are often asked to advise clients on which Manège surface would best meet there particular requirements.

Below we have complied a brief list of possible aspects to take into consideration when choosing the correct Equestrian surface.


Pre-mixed Surfaces Available From Just £50 Per Tonne


Equine Surfacing offer a range of ready to use Pre-mixed surfaces, available from only £50 per tonne

Choose from


Sparsholt College Arena Refurbishment Project


This week the team have been refurbishing the warm up Arena at Sparsholt College, Hampshire.

We were tasked with refurbishing this Arena as the surface simply wasn’t draining,

It was a wash out after heavy rain and even after days of dry weather would still not have cleared.


Equestrian Surface Renovation


Here at Equine surfacing Ltd we are specialists in all apects of Equestrian surface renovation.

Over many year perfecting the craft we are proud to be able to offer an in budget solution to your Equestrian surface issue.