Comp-track Surface

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Introducing Comp-track, our non-waxed, fully pre-mixed surface for equine excellence. 

Crafted with Redhill full Silica sand—widely acclaimed as the best in the UK—and a Poly-pro fibre additive blend, this stable surface demands minimal maintenance, making it perfect for dressage enthusiasts. 

The benefits of our full silica sand include enhanced longevity, finer particle size for moisture retention during summer, and a sub-angular shape promoting stability and reduced upkeep.

This fibre-dense silica sand blend, enriched with Poly-pro additive, guarantees superior footing while adhering to government guidelines set from January 1, 2024. 

Ideal for all disciplines, its high fibre percentage ensures a secure footing, boosting confidence for optimal horse and rider performance

Tailored for large livery or competition yards, especially suited for outdoor use, Comp-track is the go-to choice. 

For instance, a 20m x 40m arena requires 140 tonnes. Benefit from our swift service with a lead time of up to 7 working days for Comp-track surface delivery.