Surface riding deep during the hot weather?


Equine surfacing have your surface issues covered

Are you struggling with a deep surface during this hot weather?

Here at Equine Surfacing ltd we have various cost affective solutions to counter your surface stability woes covering Gloucestershire and surrounding areas.

We have worked hard to build up a reputation over the past few years for being the go to experts in the field of Equestrian surface refurbishment.

There are many reasons that your surface maybe riding deep especially during hot weather conditions though this is mainly due to diminished moisture content.

All non waxed equine surfaces require an amount of moisture to perform correctly, it’s the difference between a dry and wet beach.

Though it’s good practice to water your surface during these dry conditions we have a couple of options that will reduce or eliminate this time consuming process.

There are other considerations to take into account which vary from a failing sub-base through to an incorrectly installed surface.

If you think you maybe be suffering from any of the above issues don’t panic call the experts at Equine surfacing ltd.

First option

Installation of our Poly-Pro fibre additive

This is a cost affective process that will work wonders with any sand based surface, whether it has fibre installed already or not you will see a huge increase in performance.

The benefits are two fold

Moisture retention due to our Poly-Pro fibre additive being highly absorbent

Greatly increased surface stability (the fibre provides a root structure within the sand)

This is a very cost affective process that can be supplied delivered and installation over a two day period

Price from £3.00 per m2 + vat including supply, delivery and installation

Second option

Installation of our Cold spray polymer wax additive

This is the same as our hot wax product which we use in all of our pre-mixed equestrian surfaces, the only difference being that it’s emulsified allowing it to be sprayed on cold.

This means we can achieve a fully waxed surface for you whilst it remains laid in situ.

This option eliminates the need for watering, its also great option if you are looking to top-up the wax content in your existing waxed surface, allowing you to get many more years use out of your surface instead of the need for replacement.

Price from £9.00 per m2 + vat including supply, delivery and installation

Alternatively for the ultimate surface refurbishment visit our onsite pre-mixing page.

All of the above services are offered throughout the uk

Call the team on 03334561650 to discuss your requirements or are simply seeking some advice.