What are the benefit’s of Pre-mixed Equestrian surfaces?

A pre-mixed equine surface is a ready-to-use equestrian footing that provides a consistent and reliable quality. Here are some of the benefits of using a pre-mixed equine surface:

1. Cost-effective: Pre-mixed equine surfaces are typically more cost-effective than on-site mixing, as you only need to pay for the product and transportation.

2. Consistency: Pre-mixed equine surfaces come with a consistent and predictable level of quality to ensure that your horse always has a stable and safe footing to work on. The surface can be designed and customized based on your horse’s performance, age, and injuries.

3. Time-saving: Pre-mixed equine surfaces can be installed quickly, helping to save time and reduce disruptions to your training routine. They also require minimal maintenance, providing you more time to focus on your riding.

4. Injury prevention: Pre-mixed equine surfaces are specifically designed to reduce the risk of injuries by providing excellent shock absorption, consistent traction, and cushioning. The surface can lessen the impact of your horse’s landing and reduce the risk of concussion and other injuries.

5. Weatherproof: Pre-mixed equine surfaces can handle different weather conditions such as rain, wind, and excessive sun. It doesn’t absorb moisture, allowing the horse to work in stable footing in any weather condition.

6. Longevity: Pre-mixed equine surfaces are designed to last, providing many years of dependable use without deteriorating.

When it comes to choosing an equestrian surface, a pre-mixed one offers many advantages over on-site mixing. While the initial cost can be more than mixed-in-place surfaces, the benefits provided in terms of longevity, safety, and performance make it a highly wise investment.