Which Is The Right Equestrian Surface For You ?


Here at Equine surfacing ltd we are often asked to advise clients on which Manège surface would best meet there particular requirements.

Below we have complied a brief list of possible aspects to take into consideration when choosing the correct Equestrian surface.

Surfaces can vary greatly in cost, performance, longevity and maintenance requirements.

Some of the main aspects to consider are:

  • Equine Discipline
  • Cost
  • Foot fall / expected usage
  • Aspect
  • Overall Longevity
  • Aesthetic

Equine Discipline

Which Discipline you specialise in is a major when deciding which surface to choose for your Manège.

Whether your running a dressage yard, predominantly competitive eventers or an all purpose livery yard choosing the correct surface is essential.


As with any purchase cost has to be a large considering factor when choosing your surface.

The cost can vary greatly from the lower end all fibre carpet based surfaces up to full wax grade competition Silica sand and fibre surfaces and everything in between.

It’s not always the case that the most expensive surface is the product you need, obviously if your Equestrian Arena is for private use at home a fully waxed competition surface would be over kill for your requirements and a pre-mixed Silica and fibre surface would perform just as well without the need for expensive wax top-ups in the coming decade.

However the more expensive waxed surfaces are a lifesaver in yards with heavier use.

Foot fall / expected usage

This is one of the main aspects to take into consideration when deciding which surface would best suit your application. In this area budget plays a large part as to how much traffic your surface will be able to handle without spending forever and a day levelling your Arena. A well performing waxed surface can happily accommodate 100 + horse and riders per day with little maintenance required, where as an old style sand and rubber surface will require levelling after very few uses.


Whether your Arena is situated at the top of a very windy hill or the bottom of a valley with little sunlight over the winter months aspect will play an important part in what equine surface is right for you.

A sheltered spot with good winter sunlight is the preferred site for your Manège.

Though there are various wind breaks/fencing options that we can employ when required to make any aspect suitable.

Overall longevity

Lifespan is an important factor to consider before the purchase of your Equestrian surface.

Your surface can be the largest single cost over your build so it’s imperative that this cost is only incurred once ‘get it right the first time’.

A well maintained surface should last between 15- 20 years with a minor top-up to be made halfway through this period and generally only in horse Arena’s that receive heavy use.

There are usually 3 factors that increase surface wear and decrease surface longevity, these include.

  • Poor surface maintenance
  • Unsuitable surface materials
  • Poor Menage construction

Whether installing your own manège or having a local contractor taking up the task, Here at Equine surfacing ltd we are always on hand to give guidance and advice on the best route to take.


Here at Equine surfacing ltd HQ we put a great emphasis on the aesthetic of your surface. We are very aware that as well as providing great value for money and high performing surfaces and additives it is also very important that your surface looks as great at it rides.

This is why we only use the best materials and take the greatest care in it’s production.

We have a large selection of Surfaces and surface additives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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