Which Manège Leveller?   

Choosing the right manège leveller for your equestrian surface is crucial for maintaining and enhancing performance. Different surfaces have specific requirements that must be considered.

For all-weather surfaces like rubber, sand, and fibre blends, opt for a leveller with adjustable tines. This versatility allows you to customise the depth based on your surface’s needs. Additionally, a leveller that can groom, level and roll simultaneously ensures consistent and safe footing.

When it comes to sand surfaces, a leveller with flat blades or tines is ideal. These levellers evenly distribute the sand, preventing uneven footing and the formation of pits. Look for models with flexible or adjustable components to maintain consistency across various sand depths.

To ensure optimum maintenance and performance, it’s crucial to select the right manège leveller for your specific equestrian surface. Consult the team at Equine surfacing ltd for expert advice on choosing the best leveller based on your surface type and unique requirements.